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PCE (polycarboxylate ether based copolymer) - superplasticizer

 PCE is designed for highest concrete quality. It enables concrete to be produced highly workable at low dosage with improved slump retention. Compared to traditional superplasticizer, PCE (polycarboxylate ether based copolymer) reduces risks of retempering concrete on the jobsite with water and improves the rheological and mechanical properties of concrete.

Product List

AP-520K   : High performance water reducing type

VPR-60   : Slump retention & water reducing type

KP-501    : Slump retention type (slump keeping ability-3hrs)

KP-50S   :  Slump retention type (middle range slump keeping ability-4hrs)

KP-150   :  Slump retention type for fine and dust aggregate (3-4hrs retention)

HP-60G   :  Early strength agent (high early strength for Precast)


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