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Zeolite 4A

A white powder, non-toxic, odorless and good in flow ability. With strong power of calcium ion exchange capacity and compatibility and without pollution to environment, the product is an ideal phosphate-free auxiliary agent for detergent that substitutes for STPP. With high surface adsorption capacity, it is also an optimum adsorbent and desiccant.


Ca exchange capability (mg CaCO3/g): 295 min.

Ca exchange rate (mg CaCO3/g)2minutes: 175 min.

Ca exchange rate (mg CaCO3/g)10minutes: 190 min.

Particle size: D50 um: 2-4

-1um: 8% max.

+10um: 8% max.

Whiteness: 96% min.

PH (1% solution, 25 degree): 11 max.

L.O.I(800 degree,1h): 22% max.




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